The Cycle of Mental Illness



Cellulite Looks Better Tan

It starts again.  The cycle.  The never ending punch in the gut, jolt to the heart, baffling cycle.

The first stage:


“Have you talked to mom?”  The question I hate to hear when one of my four brothers calls.

“Yes.”  I close my eyes before I ask, “Why?”

“She just seems,” Sigh, “Out of it.”

“No. I haven’t noticed.”  I lie.

Then I end the call and pretend it never happened.  I go about my day.  I play with my children.  We do homework.  I cook dinner for my family, a mediocre, limp mess that we call a meal.  I sit in my chair at the kitchen table, fork some food into my mouth, chew, and swallow, all the while trying to push her illness away from my reality.  I smile at my son as he tells me something really important about one of his Lego Star Wars characters…

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Racism is more than just words and actions.

It has existed throughout human history.

It’s ugly.

It’s an evil act that divides we as humans.

Do not be fooled by those who be in the saddle, henpeck and bluster that they are more superior to others.

Based on where they come from??? Their skin colour??? Status?? Bullshit!

We are all one, united by the Religion of Humanity.

It’s never too late to stop racism.

The end starts with us!!!

By Ashifa Latif.